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  26 April 2017  
  LEX Property Fund  
  The March 2017 quarterly income distribution has been paid out to investors on 26th April 2017.  

For further details email us or call LEX Investor Services on 1800 502 464.

  LEX Retail Property Trust  



LEX Retail Property Trust was a direct property fund investing in the largest single-tenant retail store in Adelaide which was occupied by the IKEA franchisee.

  The development was completed under budget and ahead of schedule in March 2006, with the IKEA franchisee opening to the public on 20 April 2006.  

Sale of Property and Winding Up of the Fund


Following approval from a meeting of Unitholders in October 2010, the directors pursued a sale strategy for the Fund's property and completed the sale on 19 March 2012.

On 12 April 2012, all units in the Fund were redeemed and Holding Statements issued to investors. Completion Accounts for the Fund for the period to 13 April 2012 were completed and lodged with ASIC as part of the winding up process. ASIC has now deregistered the Fund.

Annual Tax Statements for the final period were issued to investors in May 2012 containing details of the taxable income, tax deferred income, capital gain and redemption value of the Funds units.